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Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development

Web Hosting and Domain Registration

Web Hosting and Domain Registration

Other IT Services

Other IT Services


eNewsletters and Email Marketing


Would you like to send out periodical or even onetime electronic newsletter to your customers, clients, or benefactors? Or would you like to announce a new product, service, or event at your business? We can help you to do so and much more with our eNewsletter and eMail Marketing services.

Electronic newsletters are gaining in popularity for good reason. Because no printing or mailing costs are involved, online newsletters can usually be published for a fraction of the cost of traditional printed newsletters. And because online newsletters can be instantly delivered to readers throughout the world at the click of a button, these publications are ideal for communicating timely information to readers.

But why would your organization want to pay for an email marketing service, instead of simply using Outlook and your regular email server to contact your members?

There are a number of compelling reasons why even a small e-newsletter subscription list might best be handled by us,

Deliverability: If your organization’s email newsletter never makes it to your members’ Inbox, you might as well not bother to send it. If you send out an email to a bulk of recipients, most likely your email will be labeled as SPAM and will be either deleted or sent to the Junk/Spam folder.  Using our service, we make sure that the content of your newsletter is organized in a way which will not be labeled as spam. We also use a different technology to send out individualized newsletter to your recipients.

HTML Templates: Instead of mailing plain text and dull newsletter, we help you create an attractive newsletter with pictures and design to make it more appealing for your audience to read. It will also help you to sustain a consistent look for your periodical newsletters.

Website Design for You is a website design, development, and IT services solution firm located in the little town of Bethlehem - Palestine, serving clients of various types and sizes in Palestine and around the globe.



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